7 WordPress Tips for Beginners

May 26, 2021

WordPress is an easy-to-use CMS that helps people with no knowledge about coding create their websites with drag and drop tools. It is the best choice for people to create their website. Today, WordPress creates 30% of the websites available on the internet. You can use the tools available on the internet to create your own unique designs. As a beginner in WordPress, these tips will help you create an attractive website for your blog or business.

Find the right hosting

There are several hosting services available on the internet. Find the right hosting provider for your WordPress website so you receive a dynamic service at a fair price. You should be able to handle your traffic, manage your downtime, and achieve quick loading speeds. Bluehost is one popular hosting service that offers plenty of features to explore.


Explore theme demos

You can find thousands of themes on WordPress that you can try out before purchasing them. You can determine how you want your website to look by taking demos of the themes. Find the theme that suits your idea of a blog or the one that resembles your brand image.

Use an SEO plugin

Search Engine Optimization is important for every business today. It allows users to rank their website on the top search pages of search engines like Google. If you do not use an SEO tool, you are missing out on the opportunity to push your blog to higher ranks on Google. An SEO tool will make it easier for you to manage your content according to what brings traffic to the website.


Use Google Analytics

When you are creating content every day, you must find out how well you are doing on the internet. It will help you create any necessary changes to improve your website’s performance. Google Analytics allows you to measure your website’s success using data.

Pick the right theme

Find the right theme for your website and choose a theme that your hosting service can load easily. You can take the help of a WordPress expert to find an easy-to-load design and looks good. You should also pick a responsive theme that can be accessed on mobile screens as well. You can find unique features offered by different theme developers.

Compress your images


When you compress the images you post on your website, they will load faster. Know that the best websites take less than a second to load the entire data for users. If you compress your images and videos before uploading them, your website will optimize better. You can find the compressor tool on WordPress, so you do not need to download any other software.

Limit your plugins

While you can explore the list of plugins available on WordPress, make sure that you use only those necessary plugins. If you keep adding more plugins, your website will slow down and even put your security at risk.

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